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collectors-corner-winsor-castleCollectors Corner is a free, public resource from The Manuscript Society for collectors (of all types.)  This section of the website will include resources, tips, quips and information in the world of manuscripts.

Our first offering is a list of known facsimiles—items which look like real autographs and manuscripts, but which are in fact realistic (and sometimes not so realistic) copies. To the right is one of the most famous, a letter from England’s George V welcoming American troops during World War I in April 1918. Courtesy of Catherine Barnes.  If you’d like to submit a facsimile, please click on the link below.

Check back often to find out what’s new in the Collector’s Corner!

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Roger Brooke Taney – A Search for Correspondence

The Papers of Roger Brooke Taney Do you have in your collection any correspondence to or from Roger Taney? Those who are collectors of Andrew Jackson certainly know the name! He supported and served Andrew Jackson during Jackson's presidency.  To most history students he is most famous as the man [...]

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Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector’s Manual

Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector’s Manual Edmund Berkley, Jr. Editor Herbert E. Klinghofer and Kenneth W. Rendell, Co-editors (New York) Charles Scribner’s Sons, (1978) xviii, 565 pages [including, Bibliography, Notes on Contributors, Glossary, and Index] ISBN: 0-684-15622-9 Cloth, Dust Cover [new] This classic manual now out of print is once [...]

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How to Preserve Ancient Manuscripts

Manuscript Preservation is always a challenge Paper does not last forever. One of the most significant challenges is acidic degradation.  Libraries and archive collections are a valued resource for our history and culture, containing the wealth of human knowledge and artistic expression. They contain some of the earliest writings ever [...]

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How to Weed Your Attic: Is it History or Junk

How to Weed Your Attic Elizabeth H. Dow At the closing dinner of the Manuscript Society’s most recent annual meeting, trustee Elizabeth H. Dow gave us a capsule version of her latest book, How to Weed Your Attic: Getting Rid of Junk without Destroying History, coauthored with Lucinda P. Cockrell. [...]

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One Really Bad Egg and a Visit to Calling Cards

Book Reviews: It is all about education. Whether you collect books or autographs or both, the educated collector is the savvy collector. Just ask Bill Butts. Every year a stream of reference works, how-tos, exhibition catalogs, bibliographies, and memoirs useful to collectors come on the market. Few receive scant attention [...]

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Lost: Lessons from the Carnegie Library Theft

Lost: Lessons from the Carnegie Library Theft Michael J. Dabrishus “They are only sorry that we discovered what they did,” said Mary Frances Cooper, director of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. She was speaking as a witness at the June [2020] sentencing of Gregory Priore and John Schulman. The sentencing testimony [...]

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