Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector’s Manual

Edmund Berkley, Jr. EditorBook cover of "Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector's Manual".
Herbert E. Klinghofer and Kenneth W. Rendell, Co-editors

(New York) Charles Scribner’s Sons, (1978)
xviii, 565 pages [including, Bibliography, Notes on Contributors, Glossary, and Index]
ISBN: 0-684-15622-9

Cloth, Dust Cover [new]

This classic manual now out of print is once again available in very limited numbers. 

Sponsored by The Manuscript Society and originally published in 1978, this volume continues to be a valuable resource on the history and fundamentals of autograph collecting.

This work offers the collector of autographs a comprehensive manual of the history and fundamentals of autograph collecting and of the various fields and areas of specialization in which to collect. Articles range in coverage from broad concepts such as the development of writing and notes on writing materials to specific topics as the legal ramifications of manuscript collecting and autographs of the American Civil War.

The articles are written by contributors who have been chosen for their expertise in a certain area of collecting. This book was conceived as a basic reference book and includes articles on some of the traditional areas of collecting, such as American literary autographs and some areas that would not be as obvious, such as autographs and manuscripts of radical and reformers. The authors describe the appeal of specializations, note what material is available and suggest new approaches or new sub-specialties. Some of the approaches may have changed but the fundamentals are the same.

This book was a unique undertaking in the field and even today is an important resource for both the serious collector and the new collector. It is essential for all of those interested in autographs and manuscripts.

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