Meet The Board

The management of the Manuscript Society, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, is placed in the hands of a Board of Trustees. Each trustee is a member of the society and has participated in any number of capacities. They often attend annual meetings, sit on regular committees, and serve on Ad Hoc committees as needed. Any member of the society can be nominated to the Board. [For more information see the Constitution]  The Board consists of fifteen Trustees. They are nominated from the membership, the elected officers, and such Past Presidents as maintain an active presence in the activities of the Board by attending at least one Board meeting every 2 years.  There are three officers: President, Vice President and Treasurer.

The term of office for elected Trustees is 3 years. No elected Trustee may serve more than 2 consecutive terms. At the discretion of the Board, Manuscript Society members who have a history of long and exceptional service to the Manuscript Society may be designated Life Members of the Board.  Members of the Board of Trustees shall serve without compensation.

We thank everyone who makes a commitment to the society by becoming a member of the Board of Trustees.


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