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Welcome to The Manuscript Society

The Mission of the Manuscript Society is to encourage the collection and preservation of manuscripts and documents; to stimulate and aid collectors in their various collecting specialties; to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among collectors, scholars, dealers and the general public; and to promote the highest professional and ethical standards.


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Manuscript Mondays

The Manuscript Society is hosting monthly webinars on topics for collectors.  Each hour long webinar provides an opportunity to peek behind the scenes of valuations, writing & publishing, purchasing/selling, auctions and more.  Find out more about upcoming webinars!

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Manuscript Society Catalog Auction II

With our first successful Catalog Auction complete, the Manuscript Society announces Auction II.  It runs April 14, 2022 through April 21, 2022.  All proceeds will benefit The Manuscript Society.

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Governor’s Palace, Colonial Williamsburg

2022 Annual Meeting

May 10th – 14th
Williamsburg/Richmond, VA

Capital, birthplace of a nation, home to 5 U.S. presidents, John D. Rockefeller’s dream of a living, breathing museum. All describe the site of the Manuscript Society’s 2022 annual meeting…

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2804, 2022

Phillis Wheatley letter – On Slavery and Freedom

April 28, 2022|

Phillis Wheatley Poet Phillis (also spelled Phyllis) Wheatley - “…. in every breast, God has implanted a principle, which we call love of freedom; it is impatient of oppression.” So, states Phillis Wheatly in her first publication after her emancipation from slavery in 1774. This rebuke of slavery [...]

1904, 2022

Collecting Manuscripts – From Beginning to End

April 19, 2022|

Spencer Stuart Manuscript Monday – The Life Cycle of Collections Monday, May 2, 2022 - 8:00 PM Eastern In this third Manuscript Monday, join Collections Advisor, Spencer W. Stuart, as he discusses the life cycle of collections and the collectors who build them. Moderated by Manuscript Monday host, [...]

404, 2022

Archaeology Never Stops – Colonial Williamsburg

April 4, 2022|

Archaeology Never Stops: Neither rain, hail, sleet or snow, heat, bugs or more will keep the archaeologists at Colonial Williamsburg from continuing their work. Three Locations are the focus: Custis Square.  An early 18th-century garden site that Virginia plantation owner and statesman that John Custis IV planted. First Baptist Church [...]

1403, 2022

Dealer Catalog Auction II

March 14, 2022|

Manuscript Society –  Historic Dealer Catalog Auction II April 14 - 21, 2022 The McGuire Group, LLC will once again run the auction to benefit The Manuscript Society.  With our first successful Catalog Auction complete, the Manuscript Society announces Auction II.  It runs April 14, 2022 through April 21, 2022.  [...]

703, 2022

MM On-Demand: What’s It Worth? (03/07/22)

March 7, 2022|

What's It Worth On-Demand "What's It Worth?" is the question professional appraisers are asked more than any other.  This live, interactive webinar will walk you through the appraisal research process and explain the credible appraisal approach.  Manuscript Society Trustee, and Certified Appraiser Brian Kathenes, will share with you how professional [...]

1602, 2022

Soldiers of Color in American Revolution

February 16, 2022|

Archive of Soldiers of Color The Museum of the American Revolution acquired an archive of nearly 200 documents highlighting the participation of Native American and Black soldiers during the American Revolution. Items include original muster rolls, pay vouchers, enlistment papers, discharge forms, and other documents. “Telling the story of the [...]

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