Mary, Queen of Scots letters decoded

Mary, Queen of Scots In another exciting breakthrough, a team of code breakers have cracked secret coded messages in letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots. Afraid of her cousin's popularity, Queen Elizabeth I held Mary in prison for 19 years. Experts say this is the most significant discovery about [...]

2023-03-07T14:09:17-05:00March 7, 2023|Articles, News|

Caveat-emptor: Buyer Beware

Let the Buyer Beware: In the world of collecting, one challenge is authenticity. Is the item what it purports to be? Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that translates to "let the buyer beware." It means that an individual buys at their own risk. Potential buyers are warned by the [...]

2022-12-14T13:23:32-05:00December 15, 2022|Articles|

Quarantine: A Collector’s Story of Discovery

Quarantine: A Collector’s Story Stuart P. Embury, MD I’ve come to believe that the members of the Manuscript Society might have an advantage during these trying times. This hiatus has given collectors the opportunity to devote additional attention to their holdings. Just before the onset of the pandemic, I purchased [...]

2021-05-19T18:34:40-04:00April 26, 2021|Articles, News|
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