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The Manuscript Society, founded in 1948 to promote the collection, preservation, and use of manuscripts, wanted to encourage the use of manuscripts for research. The result was the establishment of The Manuscript Society Maass Research Grant. The first grant was made for the academic year 1999-2000. Today this grant, currently set at $5,000, offers graduate students help with expenses related directly to their research using original manuscripts.

Young Scholars face daunting costs when they go to see manuscripts at distant repositories. Shortfalls in funding can imperil studies that touch the heart of the Manuscript Society’s purpose…read more

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The Maass Research Grant

The Maass Grant is open to individuals pursuing graduate studies which involve the extensive use of original manuscripts.

The grant is named in memory of humanitarian, benefactor and legendary collector Richard Maass, one of the founders of the Manuscript Society. Applicants must be pursuing a graduate degree at an accredited College or University that holds institutional membership in The Manuscript Society and be formally sponsored by that institutional member. The Grant is to be used for expenses related directly to research using original manuscripts.

Together we can cultivate the next generation of scholars and future collectors — a great return on our investment!
Maass Grant winners : Kim Todt (2009), Brian I. Gillis (2010,)Kristen McCabe Lashua (2012), Kameliya Atanasova (2014), Rosemary V.Lee (2011), Matthew Kruer (2013), Christopher Gillett (2015), Silvia Escanilla Huerta (2017), Kyle Bond (2018), Taylor Sims (2019).

2020 Grant Application

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