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collectors-corner-winsor-castleCollectors Corner is a free, public resource from The Manuscript Society for collectors (of all types.)  This section of the website will include resources, tips, quips and information in the world of manuscripts.

Our first offering is a list of known facsimiles—items which look like real autographs and manuscripts, but which are in fact realistic (and sometimes not so realistic) copies. To the right is one of the most famous, a letter from England’s George V welcoming American troops during World War I in April 1918. Courtesy of Catherine Barnes.  If you’d like to submit a facsimile, please click on the link below.

Check back often to find out what’s new in the Collector’s Corner!

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Presidential Autographs: An Unintended Collection

Have you ever wondered how someone gets interested in collecting? Does it begin when you are young - collecting signed baseballs,  pictures of favorite singers or love letters you found in your attic? Maybe your passion for reading about American History draws you to collecting pieces of that history.  Retired [...]

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Political Cartoons – Documents to Collect?

DOCUMENTS? Members of the Manuscript Society collect many kinds of “documents.” Some collect photographs, some collect letters, some collect illustrations. Long time Society member, Anthony J. Mourek shares his collecting passion: "I own few traditional manuscripts yet I have been a member of the Manuscript Society since 1968, am a [...]

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Can I Deduct That? An Introduction to Appraisals

As Stuart Lutz notes in his article, Can I  Deduct that? An Introduction to Appraisals, “Appraisal work is one of the most misunderstood and most mythologized areas in the antiques field. In particular, the manuscript field is plagued with “products of work” and “self-created archives” that are not allowed to [...]

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Dealing With Dealers: How to Buy and Sell Autographs

By Edward Bomsey. I have been a collector of autographs for over 40 years and a dealer for perhaps 30 years. As a beginning collector, I learned more about collecting and shaping my collection (US Presidents and Chief Justices of the United States and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court) [...]

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Selling (Consigning) a Collection through an Auction House

By Beverly Hill. There are any number of reasons you might consider selling an autograph and/or manuscript collection. Perhaps you have inherited a collection of letters and documents. You have no interest in keeping the collection and want to sell it for as much money as possible. Perhaps you decide [...]

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Introduction to Appraisals

by Kevin Segall, ISA Appraisals are done for many reasons including determining values for insurance, donations, and estate taxes. Helpful questions to ask a potential appraiser: What is your education, professional designation(s) and how did you qualify for that designation? Do you have a CV (curriculum vitae) or résumé that [...]

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