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In the News

Hancock’s Hefty Price
Fine Books & Collections, May 6, 2022
In 1776 John Hancock rushed the Declaration of Independence to the 13 states. Georgia’s copy of his cover letter has sold for $1.9 million, nearly double its price just two years ago.

Reese Auction Action
Antiques and the Arts Weekly, June 7, 2022
The private trove of rare book dealer William Reese has sold for $16.1 million. More than $2 million of that came from one item.

Button, Button …
ArtfixDaily, June 29, 2022
Who’s got the Button Gwinnett? Dealer John Reznikoff bought the rare signature as part of a complete set of Declaration signers. Then he placed it with a client — who’s got the Button.
• A mystery about a Gwinnett signature to kill for

Bill of Rights Precursor for Sale
Artnet News, July 1, 2022
A precursor to the Bill of Rights, once owned by the late David Karpeles, is up for auction. What makes the historic document and its sale significant.

The Real Whistleblower?
Smithsonian Magazine, May 16, 2022
Legend says Sally Townsend, part of General Washington’s Culper Spy Ring, foiled a plot to surrender Fort West Point to the British. But a paper trail points to someone else.

Bill of Rights at NARA
Washington Post, May 6, 2022
The National Archives has the original Bill of Rights manuscript. But it didn’t have the printed broadside shared with the states — until collector David Rubenstein stepped in.

NARA Subpoenaed
HuffPost, May 13, 2022
A grand jury is looking into how President Trump handled secret material. That led to a subpoena for 15 boxes of documents the National Archives retrieved from Mar-a-Lago.

Enslaved, Escaped, Enlisted
New York Times, June 17, 2022
In a dramatic escape, William B. Gould fled slavery and made his way to a ship on the Union blockade. He went on to serve nearly three years in the US Navy. And kept a diary.

Rendell Lecture Series
Fine Books & Collections, June 10, 2022
Past Manuscript Society President Kenneth Rendell has endowed annual lectures at the Rare Book School. Their focus: how manuscripts and rare books affect human understanding.

A New Generation of Collectors
New York Times, May 7, 2022
A new generation is joining the rare book scene. How they got started, what they’re collecting, how they’re changing the world of old books — and where punk rocker Patti Smith fits in.

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