Scholarship Fund



Young Scholars face daunting costs when they go to see manuscripts at distant repositories. Shortfalls in funding can imperil studies that touch the heart of the Manuscript Society’s purpose.

The Manuscript Society’s Maass Research Grant helps to close those gaps. An annual grant of $5,000 allows scholars to explore collections vital to their work. Students receive the funds through their institutions, which must be members of the society. All the money goes to the students; the institutions keep none of it.

Over the years the Manuscript Society has been fortunate. Our members have given generously to the scholarship fund behind the grants. But the interest income from those contributions is not what it used to be. It is hard to remember when any safe investment had a yield high enough to keep pace with inflation.

What can you do? Join our new campaign! Make a contribution to the Scholarship Fund.

Watch for campaign updates here in The Manuscript Society News, and of course on Facebook and Twitter.

Together we can cultivate the next generation of scholars and future collectors — a great return on our investment!

Recent Maass Grant winners : Kim Todt (2009), Brian I. Gillis (2010,)Kristen McCabe Lashua (2012),Kameliya Atanasova (2014), Rosemary V.Lee (2011), Matthew Kruer (2013),Christopher Gillett (2015).