Every year as we plan for our annual meetings, we have to opportunity to work with amazing archivists, historians, special collection librarians and directors of institutions in the city we are visiting. They open their doors and their archives to the members of the society in attendance. Often these wonderful people prepare special exhibits specifically geared to our members and commit a huge number of man hours to share their manuscripts and special items with us. In most cases they do this free of charge.  As members of an organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of manuscripts we all know the costs involved. Each year as we visit these locations we make it our mission to give a “thank you,” a financial gift dedicated to the preservation of their manuscripts.

THIS is where Angels come in. Angels make these “thank you” gifts possible. At any time during the year anyone can make a contribution to the fund which is used to thank the institutions we visit free of charge. You don’t have to attend the annual meeting to contribute. For others, an additional gift as an angel is added to the registration. These contributions are also tax-deducible.  Angels make it possible for the institutions we all enjoy visiting to continue their missions. Use the button below and make a contribution now.