16 06, 2020

2500 Islamic Manuscripts to be Digitized

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Over the next three years, The National Library of Israel is making more than 2,500 rare Islamic manuscripts from its Islam and Middle East Collection freely available online. These manuscripts span the ninth through 20th centuries.  The texts feature items from royal Mamluk, Mughal and Ottoman libraries. Also, the online [...]

5 06, 2020

Women of Ancient Rome: Reading & Writing

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Evidence continues to surface indicating some women in ancient Rome could read and write.  Historically, the belief is that many of the elite men in ancient Rome learned to read and often to write. It was not the domain of women.  New research and discoveries challenge that assumption. Educated female [...]

30 05, 2020

Thomas Paine – A Search

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"These are the times that try all men's souls..." Thomas Paine [The American Crisis, 19 Dec. 1776] The OFFICIAL COLLECTED WORKS OF THOMAS PAINE Project is looking for manuscript Thomas Paine correspondence held in private hands. This Project is led by leading Paine scholars in Europe and America. Do you [...]

8 05, 2020

Document Conservation: Today’s Challenges

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Document Conservation: Today's challenge In 2019, NEDCC [Northeast Document Conservation Center] worked on the conservation of the State of South Carolina’s seven Constitutions. They also worked to conserve a certified copy of the 1790 Constitution. The South Carolina Department of Archives and History was concerned with prior restoration techniques.  Were [...]

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