“And the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony goes to ………..”

Collecting Awards - Harold Russell with his two Oscars

Harold Russell – Two Academy Awards [Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Honorary Award for his work to encourage veterans] for his role the movie: “Best Years of our Lives” 1947

“This year’s recipient of the Nobel Prize for ………… is…….”

These words are followed each year with anticipation….  Did your favorite actor, actress, film, Broadway musical, television show receive the award?  Is a lifetime of seminal work recognized with a Nobel Prize?

  • When the owner decides to let it go have you ever wondered if it is legal to buy or sell an Oscar?
  • Do they have any value in and of themselves?
  • Are gold records really gold?
  • How do you win a Nobel Prize Medal?
  • How much are those awards worth?
  • How can you tell if they are genuine?
  • How important is provenance?
  • Do you really want to own one?

Brian Kathenes, Manuscript Monday’s host, and a Certified Appraiser, will answer all your questions about these well-known and collectible awards in this March Manuscript Monday.

About Brian Kathenes

Brian Kathenes is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, and CEO of Progressive Business Concepts.  Brian’s clients include Nobel Prize scientists, Oscar and Grammy winners, and Gold Record recipients.  He has authenticated and appraised all types of well-known awards for the IRS, US Customs, and Homeland Security Investigations.

Host: Brian Kathenes
Original Date
:  March 6, 2023, 8PM EST

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