Etiquette Your Mother Never Taught You: Special Collections, Museums and Rare Book Rooms

Brad Cook

Bradley D. Cook – Curator of Photographs, Indiana University

One of the many privileges of being a member of a professional organization is the “behind the scenes” tours we are offered by museums, libraries, and universities.   Knowing what is expected of us will enhance our experience, add to our knowledge base, and prevent our host or hostess from saying nasty things about us after we leave.

You may think you know what is the proper way to visit all of those “behind the scenes” events but:

  • Is it ever okay to touch the art?
  • Leaning on a case or wall, is it okay?
  • Pencils and markers and sharpies, oh my.
  • To photograph or not to photograph, that is the question….

In this Manuscript Monday free live-stream webinar, Indiana University’s Archivist and Manuscripts Editor, Bradley Cook will share answers to these etiquette questions and many more insider tips on museum and rare book library “dos and don’t.” Host: Brian Kathenes

Original Date: Monday, June 6, 2022
Presenter: Bradley Cook