Appraising Autographs, Manuscripts, & Historical Documents – Identifying Phonies, Fakes, Forgeries

Discover the secrets to easily spotting the most notorious fake autographs, bogus manuscripts, and facsimile documents that plague the field. Certified Autograph Appraiser and Manuscript Society Trustee, Brian Kathenes, will take you on an exciting autograph identification journey.

In this one-hour, interactive, live-stream webinar you’ll discover:

  • Nine ways to easily spot a fake autograph
  • The Magic Date for Secretarial Presidential Land Grants
  • What simple equipment you’ll need to be an “Autograph Detective”
  • Seven characteristics of an “AutoPen” signature
  • How to use the “Feel of Steel” technique to identify non-genuine signatures
  • Abraham Lincoln’s “three tier” signature test
  • How a “dot” can reveal a famous secretarial signature
  • Who really signed US Grant’s memoirs
  • How raking light detects printed signatures in photographs
  • And much more

Original Date: September 14, 2019
Presenter:  Brian Kathenes