Over the last couple of years most of us have followed with concern, horror and then anger resulting from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh thefts criminal actions. The case reminds us of how fortunate we are to be working, collecting, and maintaining the extraordinary and fragile, and often unique, works created through the centuries that […]

Judge Alexander P. Bicket sentenced  John Schulman, and Greg Priore yesterday. The sentence: home detention and probation. The judge said the non-jail terms were due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Home confinement with electronic monitoring allows convicted felons trips outside their homes for worship and medical care. Neither man, Judge Bicket said, may profit […]

It began in 2017. Became public in 2018. Over 300 books, maps and manuscripts from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, PA were missing.  What turned out to be a 25 year venture between two men came to light.  Discovered during an insurance audit. We have been sharing information as we have received it. You can […]

A Carnegie Library Theft Update. After more than a year of investigations and trial,  Greg Priore and John Schulman pleaded guilty on Monday, January 13, 2020 to theft. It began in  June 2018. Documents, released by the Allegheny County Common Please Court, were unsealed stating Gregory Priore and John Schulman were under investigation for theft, […]

It may be the largest theft in library history. In March 2018 news of the theft broke in the Post-Gazette.  One June 28th hundreds of documents were unsealed by the court and now indictments have been issued. Here is the latest information as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. http://www.post-gazette.com/news/crime-courts/2018/07/20/Two-men-charged-with-stealing-8-million-rare-books-Carnegie-Library-Greg-Priore-John-Schulman/stories/201807190205  

Hundreds of pages of documents were unsealed in the Allegheny County Common Pleas Court, Thursday, June 28th, highlighting the magnitude of the theft of documents and books from the Carnegie Library. Documents released state, Gregory Priore, former archivist of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and John Schulman, co-owner of Caliban Book Shop are under investigation […]

Rare and valuable atlases, maps, and large plate books that show the colorful breadth of Western civilization have been stolen from the rare books room of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Oakland. The theft of 314 items includes a first edition of Isaac Newton’s “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” from London, dated 1687. Also missing […]

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