Identifying and Valuing Classic Animation Art

This fascinating and exciting live-stream presentation describes the intricate process of creating classic animation art and how the animation process impacts the value of classic ‘cels’ and illustrations.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown animation cel

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Animation Cel

Melanie Smith will describe the many different steps required to create early cartoon art. Each step in this complex process required a different type of art, and a specific artistic skill set. She will share many illustrations and examples.

This classic American art form is no longer being created the way it was just a few years ago. New technology has replaced this intricate handmade process.

Understanding this process will help participants discover why the various types of animation art can have such a vast range of value, and what makes cartoon art so collectible.

Melanie Smith is second generation owner of Seaside Art Gallery. She has been handling animation art since the early 1980’s. The gallery has been a preferred gallery of Disney and Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera Studios, and United Feature.  She also wrote the section on animation art for the International Society of Appraisers fine art course.

Host: Brian Kathenes
Guest: Melanie Smith
Original Date
:  Feb 6, 2023, 8PM EST