Annual Meeting Registration

  • $600 per person
    Price: $600.00 Quantity:
  • $185 per person
    Price: $185.00 Quantity:
  • Participant Disclosure Statement

    In registering for the Manuscript Society The Bay Area Annual Meeting, May 17-20, 2017 and/or the Sunday in San Francisco side trip May 21, 2017 the undersigned confirms motivation and physical ability to participate in meeting activities and hereby remises, releases, and waives any claims or causes of action against the Manuscript Society, its officers and agents, and the local arrangements committee members, and various hosts, as a result of participation in this meeting.
    Signed as a sealed instrument:

  • $0.00



Registration Fees: (Deadline is April 15, 2017)

Registration fees are fully refundable until April 15, 2017. Registration fees are non-refundable after that date. If registering several individuals, please list all names and information required above or on a separate sheet. One member attending must belong to the Society.

Event Sponsors

The Manuscript Society in the past has enjoyed the support of generous members who have sponsored specific events of the Society’s annual meeting. This has included specific tours, speakers and the banquet. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring one of the tours, speakers or events, please contact Shirley Sands, Executive Director at

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